1. Be My Valentine Forever

    You are in your room, lying down in your bed & space out wanted to do something on the day when lovers are so happy & you are the one that is alone on this day. You decided to go out & stroll around in the mall. You are enjoying by yourself but you are also feeling so sad because of all the couples you saw. 

    Anna: (In my mind) Why is it like this? aishhhhhh I wish I was with someone too 

    But while you are spacing about what you see there’s this guy that always looks at you & totally reading your mind. You are in some gift shop when he did approach you. 

    Guy: Hi Miss, looking for something?

    Anna: No I was just looking around (In my mind) Why are you so handsome?

    Guy: OK Don’t you want anything here? *smiles* 

    Anna: No thanks, I have to go too Bye 

    Guy: Bye take care 

    Anna: Yeah I will, you too also *smiles* 

    You actually go out of the store & start to walk around again. You don’t know that the guy you talk too earlier is really liking & wanted to date you. You are now sitting on the bench & now you’re really hungry. 

    Anna: I must go home already, I can’t eat here 

    When you are about to go & leave the mall you accidentally bumped in the guy you saw earlier. 

    Anna: I’m sorry Mr. *bows* 

    Guy: No its OK, can I invite you to eat lunch?

    Anna: Eh? But why me?

    Guy: Sorry but can I say this I really like you & I’m really planning on asking you to have a date with me today when lovers are so much happy 

    Anna: *blush* (can’t even speak) you don’t even know me Mr.

    Guy: I always know you Anna 

    Anna: Eh? How did you know my name?

    Guy: I told you that I really know you, so wanna come with me now?

    Anna: I don’t know Mr. but now I’m hungry so I will accept your offer 

    Guy: OK then shall we go?

    Anna: *nods* BTW may I know your name?

    Guy: I’m Kevin 

    Anna: Nice name & it was nice to meet you 

    Kevin: *smiles* 

    You both go to a restaurant & Kevin really treats you as if you were friends that had been never seeing each other again. You had a talk & Kevin tell you that he is the guy you had a crush on when you was high school. You are now enjoying the day with him he did give you a teddy bear it was never your first meeting coz you always like & love the guy you are with now.

    Kevin: Anna so now that you know me can I ask you something?

    Anna: Hmmm

    Kevin: Did you already had someone that you love?

    Anna: I had one but I’m really looking for him & I don’t know if he loves me too 

    Kevin: I know he will (In his mind: I wonder who is that guy?) Thanks for accepting my offer I had fun today 

    Anna: Me too *smiles* 

    Kevin: Before you go I’m planning to do something for you *plans to sing a song for you* 

    You can’t take off your eyes when he sings it feels like it really brings back memories when you are both high school. His song ended. 

    Anna: Your voice never change at all, Its so beautiful *blush* 

    Kevin: I’m glad that you like it, can I take you home?

    Anna: Hmm if I’m not disturbing you & you don’t have any things to do then its OK for me 

    Kevin: I don’t have Anna, shall we go?

    Anna: *nods*

    When on your way home Kevin still wants to be with you on this day so he decided to go to the beach & watch the sunset together. While you both walking ..

    Kevin: Is it OK if we go here?

    Anna: Its OK with me Kevin 

    Kevin: This place is so wonderful 

    Anna: Yeah Kevin, BTW thanks for being my date today 

    Kevin: Your welcome, if its OK with you I wanna ask again if who is the lucky guy that you love?

    Anna: *got blush all of a sudden* (In my mind) You are the one I love OMO how can I say this I’m not ready. Do you really want to know?

    Kevin: Yeah I wanted too 

    Anna: *shy* it was .. 

    Kevin: Wait Anna you don’t have to say it, I know already 

    Anna: Eh? How?

    Kevin: I can read your mind my princess

    Anna: *shock & surprise* princess?

    Kevin: Yeah I really like you Anna 

    Anna: *totally get red* you mean to say that you can actually read it? I’m confuse now 

    Kevin: Don’t have too my princess, sorry if I don’t say it already but I can really read your mind 

    Anna: (In my mind) How dare you Kevin, you cheated on me 

    Kevin: No I don’t its just happen that I can obviously read it 

    Anna: *really shock* Wow, I believe you now I can’t really hide anything to you 

    Kevin: Yeah, so would you be my one & only valentine?

    Anna: Of course Kevin 

    Kevin: Really? I’m so happy thanks 

    Anna: Me too I really do love my one & only weird yeobo/prince *laughing* 

    Kevin: Weird I’m not

    Anna: Just kidding

    Kevin: I love you too *pulls me & kiss my lips* I wish the time will stop so we can be always together 

    Anna: We are always be together forever so don’t worry my yeobo 

    Kevin: OK yeobo 

    You both decided to stay longer at the beach even if the sunset is over, then Kevin decided to bring you home & he did give you his number. When his not busy your having a lots of date & time to hang out together as lovers. You both cherish & do wonderful memories together. 

    -The End-


  3. Fallen Angel

    3 years ago, there was this famous & go lucky guy who never spend most of his time with his family & he always thought that he can always have the time to create memories with his family but unfortunately there is one thing that changes everything in his life. He don’t know that he is really dead & he can’t be with his family anymore. When he wakes up it was like heaven to him full of floating clouds & everything.

    Namu: Where am I? This is not where I live?

    Suddenly there this guardian of the gate to welcome him to heaven 

    Peter: You are now here in heaven 

    Namu: Am I already dead?

    Peter: Yes you are indeed, you were dead in a car accident, here *showing the way you die* 

    Namu: *cries* No way I’m not dead already 

    Peter: Accept it Woohyun 

    Namu: Can I still return to my family? Please just for a second 

    Peter: I hope you may but you still have to be back here & accept the fact that your one of the angels

    Namu: Thank you for allowing me 

    Peter: Not that easy, you must look for a person that will make you human again 

    Namu: *shock* is it possible for a person that die already & be a human again?

    Peter: Yeah it is, you will have the chance to go back Bye & Goodluck

    Namu: But I still want to ask .. *it did ended coz you are merge back again in the world*

    Namu is now back in his house it is full with sadness. Because when the time he came back it was his last funeral day.

    Namu: I’m here now can’t you all hear me?

    None of the people there did see & hear him. The day just went on & his funeral was done.

    Namu: (In his mind) I thought that when I go back they will see me again 

    Days & months passes by & no one seems to see Namu. He still don’t know the way to make himself a human again. When suddenly one day there this a family, friend of them who come & visited his family. He do always stay where there is many people so that he hope that there will be one person who will be able to see him. They are all talking to each other & then there is this girl that don’t want to join the conversation & always looking at his side. When the girl get really bored she did leave & go outside of the house. Namu go with her too he thought that the girl can really see him.

    Girl: What will I do now? That’s why I don’t want to go with them 

    Namu: You have many things to do here 

    Girl: Like what?

    Namu: *shock* You can hear & see me?

    Girl: Yes, your a ghost right? The son of them who is famous & died already 

    Namu: How do you know that?

    Girl: My father went to your funeral, I wasn’t there because I’m at school

    Namu: OK, you are the only one here who can really did see me 

    Girl: Wait, are you really a ghost?

    Namu: I don’t know, maybe I’m a Fallen Angel

    Girl: Fallen Angel? I never hear about that, are you a guardian angel also?

    Namu: The one who is thrown back again here in this world & at the same time I’m still an angel like that 

    Girl: Ahh OK 

    Namu: BTW What’s your name?

    Girl: My name is Nicole 

    Namu: My name is Woohyun you can call me Namu for short 

    Nicole: Yeah I know nice to meet you Namu *smiles* 

    Namu: Nice to meet you too Nicole, BTW as you said you are bored right?

    Nicole: Yeah 

    Namu: I wanna bring you to my room 

    Nicole: Is it OK? I mean no one will see me or no one will tell me that I’m insane talking to no one 

    Namu: Don’t worry they won’t & besides they are all busy having conversation right?

    Nicole: Yeah, OK bring me to your room 

    Namu: Yes 

    Nicole headed his way to Namu’s room & she did see all of the stuffs she can see.

    Nicole: Wow I love your room Namu 

    Namu: Thanks *smile* you can use everything here 

    Nicole: Your welcome, BTW can I ask anything?

    Namu: Sure what is it?

    Nicole: What did you do when you are still alive? I mean as a famous guy before 

    Namu: Ohh that Nicole, I’m always busy with my schedules & I never take my time with my family so when I go to heaven, I really can’t accept the fact that I die already 

    Nicole: You can use me instead to say something to them or spend your days with your family 

    Namu: I can’t 

    Nicole: Why? I give you my permission to use me 

    Namu: I still want to go back as a human 

    Nicole: Ehhh?? Is that for real?? I mean a dead person can be back to his normal life again but how?

    Namu: Yes Nicole someone told me but I have to find the right person so I can be a human again 

    Nicole: I wish I can help you 

    Namu: Thanks, I hope I find solutions in my questions

    Nicole: Can we be friends?

    Namu: Us friends?

    Nicole: Yeah, your a kind & nice person even if I’m just the one who can see you 

    Namu: I accept it I wish it last longer 

    Nicole: Yeah we will & besides you will be my guardian angel if ever right?

    Namu: Yeah *smiles* so are you not going back yet 

    Nicole: I guess I will not maybe later is it OK?

    Namu: Yeah it is, next time can I go with you also at your house?

    Nicole: Yes you may 

    A couple of hours had passed & you both enjoy each others company. Nicole’s younger sister is calling over her.

    Namu: You must be out of here so that no one will suspect you if how you get here in my room 

    Nicole: OK Namu BTW thanks for letting me stay in your room, I had so much fun 

    Namu: Me too, OK go out now 

    Nicole: *nods* 

    Nicole goes out, she must be thankful that no one notice that she is in Namu’s room for the entire hour that she wait for her parents. Days had pass already, Nicole & Namu became friends even if they had different worlds. They both looking for the person who can turn Namu again in human.

    *On Nicole’s room at the terrace one* 

    Nicole: How can we still find the person? I’m giving up now

    Namu: I guess he/she won’t show up, I guess that I will not get the chance to be with my family again 

    Nicole: As I told you, you can use me to give your message to them 

    Namu: I want my family to see me & hug them, I will never accept your offer Nicole 

    Nicole: I understand Namu 

    Namu: Hmm if I find that person we can still be friends?

    Nicole: Yeah of course Namu & it will be easy for us to communicate *smiles* 

    Namu: *smiles*

    Months & years had pass, nothing has change between the two of you. The longer Namu stays as an angel, you both get well together. You both did not find the person for his problems. But one day there is this event that will change the relationship of Namu & Nicole. 

    *Nicole walking to go home with Namu* 

    Nicole: You are always with me Namu 

    Namu: Of course I’m your guardian angel 

    Nicole: *smiles* 

    *There is someone who is following Nicole* 

    Nicole: Namu is there someone following us?

    Namu: Yeah you must go home quickly, I can see him but I bet that I can’t touch them 

    Nicole: *nods* 

    But unfortunately Nicole was caught by the persons who is following her 

    Guy: What a nice girl, wanna hang out with us?

    Nicole: I have to go home let me go *whisper to Namu: please save me* 

    Guy: We can’t & besides we wanna play with you 

    Nicole: *cries* 

    Namu: Nicole, what should I do? I wanna save you 

    Guy: Shh don’t cry it will be fun 

    But all of a sudden the guy was on the floor & its like someone hit him.

    Guy: What happen? *seeing Nicole escapes* where you think your going?

    The guy was hit again & Nicole got escape, she run as fast as she can *she reaches home*. Heading to her room.

    Nicole: How you do it Namu? I thought that you can’t touch them 

    Namu: I don’t know too maybe the guardian of the gate in heaven give me power to save you 

    Nicole: *cries* Thank you Namu, I feel like it was really the end for me I’m just afraid 

    Namu: Your welcome Nicole, I wish I was a human again so that I can protect you at all times 

    Nicole: I shall be extra careful 

    Namu: You must Nicole, I really wanted to protect you but I can’t 

    Nicole: Its OK Namu, its not your fault 

    Namu: Can I ask you something?

    Nicole: What is it Namu?

    Namu: What if an angel is loving you, what will you do?

    Nicole: Ehhh ?? I don’t know Namu coz I can’t introduce them to my family & friends too, Why you ask it?

    Namu: *blush* ehhh nothing 

    Nicole: I have to sleep now Namu, Goodnight 

    Namu: Goodnight 

    Nicole already got to sleep because she is obviously tired with the thing that happen earlier & Namu is just beside her. While Nicole is sleeping Namu try to kiss Nicole on her lips, it is obviously confirm that Namu is falling in love with Nicole. When morning comes, Nicole can feel a warmth on her hands she knows that she don’t bring anyone with her when she go home yesterday. She decided to see it & she is shock because it was really Namu she can now touch him. She waited Namu to wake up. 

    Nicole: Good morning my angel 

    Namu: Hmmm *yawn* Good morning to you too Nicole 

    Nicole: What happen last night?

    Namu: Ehh ?? *got red suddenly* there’s nothing happen why you ask it Nicole?

    Nicole: I guess I can really see you 

    Namu: You always are, right?

    Nicole: No I can really see you actually for real & your hand holding mine I can feel it 

    Namu: Ehh *gets off his hand* sorry for holding your hand Nicole 

    Nicole: No its OK BTW How did you become a human?

    Namu: I don’t know Nicole, What can we do now? Your family might see me 

    Nicole: I can introduce you to them as my boyfriend 

    Namu: Ehh ?? your boyfriend but what if I might disappear again 

    Nicole: Its OK Namu, don’t you trust me?

    Namu: I trust you of course 

    Nicole: Then be with me again like you always do when you was an angel OK 

    Namu: *nods* 

    Everyone did see Namu & Nicole’s family got shock by his existence as if Woohyun is alive. Nicole introduce Namu as by a different name & person as if his really not Woohyun of their family friend coz if she says that Namu is an angel & become a human just a while ago no one will believe her. It was Nicole’s vacation & she is planning to stay on there house. 

    Namu: Wanna go out for a while? 

    Nicole: Is that a date from my boyfriend

    Namu: Maybe & besides I don’t know if how long will I be like this 

    Nicole: OK Namu 

    Namu takes Nicole to the beach where everyone is there when vacation starts. You both enjoy the day together, it was the first time that you feel so happy & Namu also. You both watch the sunset too.

    Namu: Did you enjoy Nicole?

    Nicole: Of course, it was so beautiful here 

    Namu: I wanna tell you something Nicole but I don’t know if I can say this 

    Nicole: Sure you can say it don’t be shy with me 

    Namu: Did you remember the thing I told you before?

    Nicole: Your question about an angel will love me?

    Namu: Yeah, I really .. ahm .. I’m the one I’m talking about when I told you about it *blush* 

    Nicole: I know you are *smiles* 

    Namu: Ehh ?? How did you know?

    Nicole: I just sense it *smiles* 

    Namu: I love you Nicole, I wanna say this to you because maybe the guardian of the gate might bring me back to heaven 

    Nicole: I don’t have to hesitate too about how I feel I love you too my one & only guardian angel 

    Namu: Really? I’m your real boyfriend now?

    Nicole: Of course you will be the one & only *smiles* 

    You both so happy like it was really the best day ever in your lives. Namu decided to kiss Nicole again & this time the time did stops & the guardian of the heaven did appear. 

    Peter: I would like to say that your not one of the guardian angels anymore 

    Namu: *questionable look* Why? Did I become human again?

    Peter: Yes you are now & you can enjoy your life but one more thing don’t tell everyone that your an angel before & become a human again 

    Namu: Yeah I know & no one will ever believe me right 

    Peter: Yes, one more thing also when you die again its really your time, you can never do this again so enjoy & don’t waste your life 

    Namu: I will but BTW How did I become human again?

    Peter: By the magic of love so see you around no in other time I guess 

    He left you both behind & of course Nicole is not so surprise about it.

    Nicole: Did you hear that the magic of love? so it means to say that I’m the person your looking for 

    Namu: I guess so I will cherish every moment with you & my family 

    Nicole: BTW how can we explain this?

    Namu: I can handle it & thanks to you my saving angel 

    Nicole: *smiles* 

    Namu: I really love you yeobo 

    Nicole: Me too yeobo 

    This time around Namu become a human for a lifetime. He explains everything what happen to him the day of the accident & he introduce Nicole as his girlfriend. Now, after what happen that he did wasted his time, he do cherish everything now. Enjoying everything for the rest of his life together with Nicole, Nicole’s family & his family.

    - The End -  


  5. Awww they are my forever angels & I’m sad coz I will not able to see them OMO *cries* Nado Saranghae my Honey’s <3 

    Awww they are my forever angels & I’m sad coz I will not able to see them OMO *cries* Nado Saranghae my Honey’s <3 


  7. Reasons why I love U-KISS: Alvin’s bipolar relationship.
    I so love AlVin that much ~~ 
    Kev ur so mean    

    (Source: uhmyung)

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  9. Unexpected Love


    Its almost summertime & the break from school will start. You are thinking of many activities to do in summer, you wanna meet someone with your dear younger sister. You also want to go to the beach & relax. You will graduating soon & 2 years after your younger sister will graduating too.

    Your spacing out when your having lessons. Your teacher is discussing & she did call for you. You start to get nervous coz you don’t know what will you answer to your teacher. 

    Teacher: Ms. Anna did you know what I’m looking for?

    Anna: Hmm Mam?

    Teacher: Its OK if you don’t know it just stay standing OK 

    Anna: OK Mam

    You stay still standing while she’s teaching. You feel embarassed with what happen, but still you are thinking of something fun to do by summer. School is over & you go to your younger sister’s room for the both of you to go home together. You see her outside the room also waiting for you to arrive. 

    Anna: Let’s go home baby Reg

    Reg: OK Ate

    You both go home together. You reach home. Your parents are not with you coz they are in Korea working hard for your future & someday you will go there also. You go change your clothes & prepare food for the both of you. 

    Anna: Baby what did you want Ate to cook for you?

    Reg: Anything Ate 

    Anna: OK Baby 

    You prepare food for her so that you can do all of your assignments for today. 

    Reg: Ate 

    Anna: Hmm what is it baby? 

    Reg: What did you cook? Are your assignment so many for today?

    Anna: Its Curry, did my baby like it? Ahm yeah I have so many for today. How about you?

    Reg: Same here Ate, ohh curry I want to eat it later 

    Anna: OK baby we will eat when were both done with everything OK 

    Reg: OK Ate 

    You both do your assignments & its done by 6 pm. You go to the kitchen & prepare everything before you both eat. 

    Reg: Can I help?

    Anna: Yes you may baby 

    You enjoy preparing with your sister. You enjoy eating with each other. The both of you will go to sleep when your parents did call.

    Anna: Hello

    Mom: Anna dear 

    Anna: Mom why did you call its late at night & we will go to sleep 

    Mom: We just talk about your vacation

    Anna: Its so near, why mom? did you plan to go home here?

    Mom: Me & your dad want the both of you to be here by summer 

    Anna: Ehh but why? our summer break is not that long 

    Mom: We want to be with you so we plan to do this, don’t you want it?

    Anna: No Mom Its just all of a sudden that we will go there, Its OK Mom I will text you when is exactly our vacation. Love you Mom we will sleep now I will tell it to baby Reg 

    Mom: OK Anna dear I will wait for the day of your vacation. Love you too. You both go to sleep too 

    Anna: OK Mom Bye 

    Mom: Bye 

    The conversation ended.

    Reg: Ate who is it?

    Anna: Its Mom

    Reg: What did she tell?

    Anna: They want us to be there by our vacation

    Reg: Is it OK with you I know you have plans to enjoy the summer vacation Ate 

    Anna: Its OK baby at least we can be with them for this time & we can meet someone there like we always want 

    Reg: Your right ate, we have to sleep now Ate 

    Anna: OK OK baby 

    You both go to sleep. Everyday is always the ordinary day for the both of you. 

    You go tell to your mom that your vacation will be 1 month but you make a way so that you can be at Korea for a bit long. Your principal give you the permission to have a vacation for 2 months. 

    The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here. You both prepare for your things to bring when you reach Korea. You both excited coz its the first time that you will be out of country, together & you will have to be with your parents. 

    You reach Korea. When you are both waiting for your parents to arrive & pick you up. You both see 2 cute guys with their family. They look so happy. 

    Reg: Ate did you see them?

    Anna: Oh the guy in a white shirt & the one with a blue sweater? Yeah I did see them & there are so cute 

    Reg: I agree with you Ate, I thought that you don’t see them 

    Anna: Mom is so late, I wonder if she knows that where here hayy 

    Reg: She did we have to just wait for them Ate 

    Anna: Yeah I know baby 

    While your waiting, the guys you first saw did approach both of you.

    Guy: Hi Miss are you waiting for someone (speaking Korean) 

    Anna: Ehh I don’t understand it 

    Guy2: Ohh sorry for that we thought that your both Korean

    Reg: Its OK 

    Guy2: We just ask if you both wait for someone?

    Anna: Yeahh we are but she’s not here yet 

    Guy: Can we join you? for the both of you to not get bored

    Anna: But … we might disturb you? 

    Guy: Its OK & besides we wait for our friend to arrive so while we wait for them we can accompany & chat with you here 

    Anna: OK OK if what have you both say 

    Guy: BTW I’m Kevin & this is Alexander you can call him Alex or Xander may we know your names ladies? 

    Anna: Yeah I’m Anna & this is my younger sister Regina you can call her Reg, nice to meet you Kevin & Xander 

    Kevin: Nice to meet you too Anna & Reg 

    Anna & Reg: (smiles) 

    Xander: Ahm is it your fist time here?

    Reg: Yapp

    Xander: If you do have some time can we tour you here?

    Anna: Sure if our parents allow us too (smiles)

    Kevin: Are you both studying?

    Reg: Yeah, my Ate will graduating soon 

    Xander: Ohh congrats Anna 

    Anna: Thanks Xander, do you live here? are you both also studying?

    Kevin: Yes, nope were not 

    Reg: Why?

    Xander: We work here 

    Anna: Ohh OK OK 

    You are having fun chatting with Kevin & Xander when your mother did arrive.

    Mom: Sorry Anna & Reg if I’m late 

    Anna: Its OK Mom BTW we don’t get bored coz Kevin & Xander are here 

    Kevin & Xander: Annyeong Haseyo 

    Mom: Annyeong, thank you for spending time with my daughters 

    Kevin: Its OK your welcome 

    Anna: Ahm Kevin & Xander it was nice meeting you again we have to go now I know that we can meet each other again, don’t we?

    Xander: Of course we can meet again, nice meeting you too. Take care & enjoy your day here in Korea 

    Reg: Thanks, Bye 

    Kevin: Bye 

    You make your way & you both leave Kevin & Xander there. When you did leave their friends did arrive, they wanted for the both of you to meet their friends. 

    Anna, Reg & their Mom reach home. 

    Mom: I’m really sorry for earlier 

    Reg: Its OK Mom & besides like Ate have told you we enjoy waiting for you with Kevin & Xander 

    Mom: OK OK, are you hungry? I prepare food for the 2 of you 

    Anna: Mom you eat also OK 

    Mom: OK 

    Reg: Where’s Dad?

    Mom: At work 

    Reg: OK Mom 

    You enjoy eating together it was really the first time that Anna & Reg eat with their mother. They are so much happy.

    Your family did spend everyday together. Always enjoying & cherish every moment of your lives. This time your parents bring you at Lotte World. 

    Mom: Let’s go girls 

    Reg: Mom why were here?

    Mom: Don’t you like it? Its the first time that I bring you both in this kind of place 

    Anna: Don’t mind baby Mom I love here 

    Mom: I’m glad that you like it Anna dear 

    Anna: Of course Mom, baby you will enjoy it too come on 

    Reg: OK OK Ate 

    All of you rides everything there & tries out everything. When you all are tired, you all decided to sit on the bench. While sitting you notice a crowd over some place, Anna & Reg check it out.

    Anna: Mom we will be back we just need to see what’s the matter in that place

    Mom: OK OK 

    Anna & Reg leaves there Mom for a while. That place is really so crowded you both just can’t see who the people are yelling out. And then someone pulls you both, It was Kevin & Xander.

    Xander: Hey Anna & Reg long time no see 

    Reg: Xander & Kevin, your also here?

    Kevin: Yapp

    Anna: OK OK, how did you know that were the one you pulling?

    Xander: Ahm can we have a sit on that bench? Its so crowded here 

    Reg: OK 

    All of you sit. 

    Kevin: About the one you ask Anna 

    Anna: What?

    Kevin: Xander hyung we must tell it to them 

    Xander: Its OK & besides they not even know about it 

    Kevin: OK we will tell what is that crowded all about, you both remember the day that were both in the airport right?

    Anna: Yeah 

    Kevin: OK, our work here in Korea is that Me & Xander are both in a Korean band here 

    Reg: Ohh really, you must be good at singing?

    Xander: Ehh not that much, are you with your family now?

    Anna: Yeahh were with my mom & dad, By next time we want to hear your voice 

    Kevin: Are you in a hurry? we can sing for the both of you 

    Reg: You both might get known here, they may go here 

    Xander: OK OK we understand it

    Anna: We have to go now, we just told our parents that we will just check the crowded place. See you soon guys 

    Kevin: OK take care always & by that time you will meet our friends/co-members I mean. See you 

    Reg: Take care too 

    Xander: Yeah we will 

    Anna & Reg take their leave. They enjoy the day together with their mom & dad. 

    Kevin: Hyung I wonder when can we talk to them in a long hour 

    Xander: I don’t know, you wanna say something?

    Kevin: Yeah hyung 

    Xander: What is it?

    Kevin: I know you want to say it to them 

    Their conversation ended coz its time for them to go back to where their co-members are. Day passes by, Xander & Kevin did find a way to be with Anna & Reg for whole day & longer hour. They both did see Anna & Reg’s mother. They approach her.

    Xander: Annyeong Imo 

    Mom: Annyeong to the both of you (speaks Korean)

    Kevin: Can we ask something Imo? (speaks Korean) 

    Mom: What is it? (speaks Korean) 

    Xander: Can we invite your 2 lovely daughters at our place? We have something to tell to them & we wanted them to meet our friends/co-members (speaks Korean) 

    Mom: Its OK with me just take them home after that (speaks Korean) 

    Kevin: Kamsahamnida Imo 

    Mom: Cheonmaneyo, I know that they will enjoy the day if you both invite my daughters By the way you can visit them now so that you can invite them right & you may know our house (speaks Korean) 

    Xander: We will be with you Imo? Is it OK? (speaks Korean)

    Mom: Of course, so shall we go now? I know that my daughters will be happy (speaks Korean) 

    Kevin: OK Imo Kamsahamnida 

    Xander & Kevin go with Reg & Anna’s mother. Their mother did not tell that she is with them. You all reach home. 

    (Knocks the door & Anna open it) 

    Anna: Welcome home Mom 

    Mom: I have someone with me 

    Anna: Eh? 

    You were surprise coz its Xander & Kevin. 

    Anna: Mom .. baby Reg (calling her) Xander & Kevin are here 

    (At the kitchen) Reg: Eh, OK I will be there 

    Mom: Boys take a sit 

    Xander & Kevin: OK Imo 

    Xander & Kevin take their seats. 

    Anna: While we wait for baby Reg, may I know why your both here? 

    Kevin: We just want to invite you & Reg to come to our place this saturday, we want you to meet our friends/co-members. We did get your mom’s permission

    Anna: Oh really then its fine, we will go but we must tell it to baby Reg 

    Kevin: OK 

    When Reg did arrive. 

    Reg: Oh hi there Xander & Kevin, you both go visit us 

    Xander: Yeah we told it already to Anna & your Mom, we wanna invite the 2 of you at our place this saturday 

    Reg: Oh that will be great we will come then Ate 

    Anna: Yeah Mom allows us too 

    Reg: (smiles)

    Mom: Tell them that join us for dinner OK (shouts) 

    Reg: OK Mom, is it OK if you go join us for dinner?

    Kevin: Its fine 

    You all eat dinner & enjoy the night. You all had a good & happy conversation. 

    Xander: We have to go really thanks for the food & for allowing us to be with your daughter Imo 

    Mom: No problem its the thing that makes my daughters happy 

    Kevin: We really shall go now Anna & Reg, See you on saturday 

    Anna: OK OK 

    They takes their way out. While you had a conversation with your mom. Anna & Reg says thank you for allowing them to go with them. Its Saturday now & by 1 pm Xander & Kevin did pick Anna & Reg in their home. Its been more than a week that Anna & Reg did friends with Xander & Kevin, their are always happy whenever they are with each other. 

    Xander: Were here at our place 

    Anna: Wow its also nice here too, like at our house (smiles) 

    Kevin: Thanks Anna 

    Someone did come out. Its Soohyun, Eli, Kibum, Dongho, Kiseop, Hoon & AJ the co-members of Xander & Kevin. 

    Soohyun: Annyeong haseyo 

    Anna: Annyeong 

    All: We are UKISS, nice to meet such beautiful ladies (SH giving flowers for the 2 of you) 

    Anna & Reg: *blush* thank you for the flowers 

    Soohyun: Cheonmaneyo (smiles) 

    You all both enjoys that day, they are so kind, friendly & so naughty like Xander & Kevin. 

    Xander: Can we talk outside? The four of us 

    Reg: Ate?

    Anna: Its OK, are you going to tell something to us that you don’t want your co-member to hear it 

    Kevin: Yes 

    All of you go outside & sit in a bench. Xander & Kevin did not know that you will just stay here by 2 months & you both plan to go back to where your studies are. 

    Kevin: Anna, are you staying here for good?

    Anna: Hmmm Kevin were not we just had our vacation here for 2 months 

    Kevin: Ahh OK OK, wanna go inside now? 

    Anna: Oh I thought that you & Xander will say something to us 

    Kevin: Nevermind about it, let’s go inside 

    Anna: OK 

    All of you go inside. You are having fun with other friends/co-members of Xander & Kevin. When you still can’t stop to think about the thing that Kevin will say to you & Reg. While your having fun, Xander & Kevin had a talk with others. 

    Kevin: Xander hyung is it OK if we don’t tell about it to them 

    Xander: I don’t want to say it to them & besides their will not be here for good 

    Hoon: What is the one your talking about Xander hyung & Kevin

    Kevin: Its about Anna & Reg 

    Kibum: What about them?

    Hoon: I will try to guess it you want to confess that you both like them right?

    Xander: How did you know about that?

    Kibum: We can sense it & besides their are really such a pretty & beautiful ladies 

    Kevin: Do you think that we have to tell it to them

    Hoon: Its up to you if you did want to say it to them at least you have try to tell it to them 

    Kevin: But were afraid that when they do like us too, they will leave us 

    Kibum: Just try if they do not like you both then accept it we will help you both to make a perfect move for that. So that there will be no other people that will disturb the both of you by telling it to them

    Xander: Its settle then that we must tell it some other day 

    Hoon: Yapp but as early as possible you both must say it to them & besides when you wake up the other day you don’t notice it its already time for them to leave. Wait did they not from here?

    Kevin: Nope there just here for a vacation. They will be here in 2 months 

    Kibum: You must tell it already 

    Xander: But how?

    Hoon: We must prepare for it & invite them again here or we will make some moves OK 

    Kevin: Ehh? OK OK 

    The boys conversation is over & they did decide to tell it some other day. Xander & Kevin take Anna & Reg home. They tell Anna & Reg that other UKISS member wanted them to be back again. Day passes by & UKISS prepare for everything that Xander & Kevin will need to tell their feelings for Anna & Reg. The other members go to Anna & Reg’s house, they invited them to come again at their place. Their mom agreed already, when its a halfway to their place they put a cover on Anna & Reg’s face. 

    Anna: Where are we? 

    Hoon: We are almost there, were sorry but we really have to do this 

    When you both reach their place, they told the both of you to remove the cover on your faces. Its dark in that room but when the both of you did walk over along you did see a beautiful set-up. There so many flowers all over the place & the one shape like “Would you be my girl?”. Anna & Reg are shock, surprise & don’t know what to say. Then suddenly Xander & Kevin did come out. 

    Xander: Its been more than a week that we’ve been friends, we know that you are going to leave this country but we wanted to say that were always happy & thankful that we meet such wonderful persons like you Reg & Anna. And now this is the one that we wanted to tell you. I’m lucky that I meet you Reg its been like a dream for me coz I never feel this way whenever I’m with other girls. I’m always happy when your around. As in the floor says “Would you be like to be my one & only girl? (gives the flower he holds)

    Kevin: Anna your the one I was looking for, you make my day complete & your always the one reason why I always smile when I’m with you its like I never wanted to be separated from you. I know that your that girl who always make me smile everyday. Thank you coz you are so friendly & kind even the first time we did see each other. And can I ask one more thing to you I want you to be the girl who makes me smile (gives the flower he holds too)

    Reg: (shock, surprise & blush) Xander I don’t know what to say its like I never look for a guy who will love me for who I am, its just a short time that we meet each other but it seems that its been months & year. Also the same feeling with me when your around I’m always happy I can’t even ask for anything. Hmm I will be your girl forever (smiles, Xander go near to Reg) 

    Xander: So is that means that you love me Reg?

    Reg: Yeah 

    Xander: I’m so happy 

    Reg: Me too 

    Xander: I love you my baby 

    Reg: *blush* I love you too my cute guy

    (Xander kiss Reg in her lips)

    Xander & Reg: (smiles)

    Anna: *blush* I don’t expect for this Kevin its my dream to meet someone but I never realize that I can find a guy that is so much happier than me. I admit that at first I have a crush on you coz your really cute then when I have the chance to know you it was like “I was just the one who notice it that were almost the same” I will be that girl, I want to make you smile everyday (Kevin approach you) 

    Kevin: Is that a yes for my long speech (smiles)

    Anna: Yes & besides the first time we meet I always like you 

    Kevin: I’m happy so much. (Kevin pulls Anna to him & kiss Anna’s lips passionately)

    Anna: It was like a dream come true. Baby we just find the guys that we love us 

    Reg: Yeah Ate 

    Anna: BTW Kevin we have a good news for the both of you 

    Kevin: Ehh? What’s that?

    Anna: We will stay here forever 

    Xander: Is that true?

    Reg: Yapp our parents told us that we will continue our studies here coz our mom notice that were happy here, Korea is such a wonderful place & we always love the person we meet here 

    Kevin & Xander: (happy) We can be together forever 

    Anna & Reg: Yeahh forever & ever 

    Then suddenly UKISS comes out, they did sing a song for us. It was a sweet song. When its done Xander & Kevin did sing for Anna & Reg as their promise. 

    Soohyun: Were happy for the both of you, enjoy the day together.

    Xander, Kevin, Reg & Anna: We will (smiles) 

    It was really the nicest & unforgettable summer vacation ever for the both of you. It was like a dream that you did find someone like Xander & Kevin. 

    -The End-


  11. A Shared Dream


    You are busy doing lots of things for your work, your so busy that you don’t mind that you fell asleep. You just dream of a really cute guy that you don’t meet before at all & still he did come out in your dream. You sleep for over an hour & you still don’t wake. Your both in a beautiful place, its really a wonderful place to stay. In that dream you are lovers, loving each other so much. When you wake up, you don’t mind the time & its really morning. You still don’t finish your paper works.

    Ella: Huh, I still don’t finish it up what will I do? (In her mind) I wonder who is that guy in my dream? His not my friend after all.

    You find a way to finish your paper works but its not enough to finish it all coz it is really so many. When its time for you to go to your workplace, you are really in a hurry.

    Ella: Ahh I’m afraid that my boss will be mad to me again

    You work as a secretary of your boss in a company. Your boss did arrive & came to you to check everything that he command you to do.

    Lei: Did you finish what I told you to do?

    Ella: Ahm I’m sorry Sir but this is the only thing I finish

    You show it to him.

    Lei: Ohh OK, you did good. Just finish it up here OK

    Ella: Thank you Sir, I thought that you will be mad

    Lei: No I’m not, finish it all today

    Ella: OK Sir

    Hours have pass away & you finish everything what your boss told you to do. But still you don’t eat your lunch.

    Lei: (Giving you food) Ohh here’s your food I know that you don’t eat to finish everything

    Ella: Ohh thank you Sir

    You eat your late lunch. And your boss told you to take a rest coz you have done so many things. You still wonder why your boss is like that, his not like that before.

    When its time for you to leave your boss did call for you.

    Lei: Are you going home now?

    Ella: Yeah Sir, why did you call for me?

    Lei: Oh are you free this weekend?

    Ella: Ehh, Sir?

    Lei: Don’t worry its about your job, I have to go business trip

    Ella: Oh are you sure Sir that I will be together with you?

    Lei: Yeah of course coz your my secretary, do you have your passport?

    Ella: Yapp Sir

    Lei: That’s good, prepare yourself OK we will leave this saturday

    Ella: OK Sir

    You leave your boss & you take your way home. For today, you can just relax & prepare for your business trip but you still wonder why you are with him this time. Before when he go business trip you are not included but for this time you are with him. The day of your business trip came & you are prepared. You both meet in the airport. You both arrive at the place where your business trip is. You both take a rest & by afternoon you have a meeting with a very important person(VIP).

    Lei: Go sleep & we will be meeting someone by afternoon

    Ella: OK Sir

    You take your rest & you still dream the guy from your dream that you don’t even meet. Its afternoon already when you did wake up. Your boss call you. 

    Lei: Be here at my room by 3:00 pm

    Ella: OK Sir

    The time strikes by 3 & as early as that time you are at your boss room. You both go together at the place where you will be meeting a VIP. 

    You both wait for them to arrive & they did arrive now. Its been 30 minutes before they arrive. You did see the important person your boss say & it was just his girlfriend & siblings. He has a sister & a brother. But wait, you were shock (so much) coz the guy in your dream is right exactly in front of you, you can’t even say something or anything. You just take your excuse so that you can refresh yourself in a bit. But in fact you take your way back in your room. You just lay down & wonder what will you do if you saw the guy in your dreams again?

    Ella: (In her mind) Ehh, why am I like this? Its just my boss brother (Ahhh, screams)

    You didn’t notice that your boss find a way so that you can know his brother, his sister & girlfriend. There are in your boss room & he did call for you.

    (Text) Lei: Come over at my room, you have to do something for me & I will tell you something OK 

    You go in a hurry coz you don’t want him to be mad.

    Ella: Sorry for my tardiness

    Lei: Its OK, BTW I want you to meet my siblings. My little cute sister Kaya, my younger brother Kevin & my girlfriend Mairead

    Ella: Nice meeting you all. I’m Ella, Sir Lei’s secretary  

    All: Nice to meet you too 

    Lei: Now can you be with Kevin for a while?

    Ella: Ehh, why?

    Lei: Were going somewhere & he want to be here so can you be with him?

    Ella: OK Sir (In her mind) (what can I do if I don’t want to stay?)

    Everyone leave & you and Kevin was left behind. 

    Kevin: Ahm can I ask something to you Ella?

    Ella: What is it?

    Kevin: How long are you being my bro’s secretary & how is he as your boss?

    Ella: Ohh you ask about it. Its been 2 years since I work for your brother. Hmm how can I say this? sometimes his kind sometimes not. 

    Kevin: He never change at all when it comes to his employees

    Ella: Is he like that to you also?

    Kevin: Yeah he is, By The Way is it your first time to go out of the country?

    Ella: Yeah, why?

    Kevin: Nothing. Can I tour you around here while my bro & the other will not be around? If you like too.

    Ella: Ahm what if when he came back & were not here 

    Kevin: Don’t worry we just need to say that were bored here & we go out. Besides he just say that you will stay with me right?

    Ella: Yeah your right Kevin

    Kevin: So shall we go? I want to show you the beauty of this country, I know that you will like it.

    Ella: OK Kevin

    You both go out. Kevin bring you to such wonderful places to stay there. That country is so nice, beautiful & great to go too. 

    Ella: Its so beautiful here, all of the places that we go to

    Kevin: I’m glad that you like it Ella 

    Ella: Of course, I always appreciate everything in this world

    Kevin: Do you want to go to beach? To watch the sunset?

    Ella: Ahm OK 

    You both go now to the beach & its really the prettiest place you ever see. You both stay on the beach & the sunset is over. Its evening now so Kevin decided to go home but you still want to stay coz that moment will never be happen again & you wanted to be with him just for now. When its 7:30 pm Kevin invited you to go eat in a restaurant. You both enjoy the day together, you don’t really know why you feel happy is it because his the guy in your dreams that you don’t even know but now you have the chance to see & be with him everyday. You both reach your rooms where you & your boss Lei stays. They all been waiting for the 2 of you to arrive. 

    Kaya: Where did you go Kevin oppa & Ella?

    Kevin: Go out for a while coz we get bored here 

    Kaya: OK, we better get go home now Kevin oppa 

    Kevin: Can’t we just stay here hyung?

    Lei: Its OK but our bills here might get increase 

    Kevin: (smiles) I know that you can pay for it Hyung, so can we stay here? Me, Kaya & Mairead?

    Lei: What if me & Ella transfer at your place, Is it OK with you Ella?

    Ella: Its OK with me Sir Lei whenever you wanted to go

    Lei: OK, Its settle then we go at our house Kevin

    Kevin: That’s good 

    Lei: OK, prepare your things Ella

    Ella: Yes, Sir 

    You did pack your things & you both go now to their house. You are amazed at what you saw It was like the prettiest house you have ever seen in your whole life. 

    Kevin: Its late at night now I will bring you to your room Ella 

    Ella: OK 

    Kevin did bring you on your room. 

    Kevin: Goodnight Ella see you tomorrow, we will sleep too 

    Ella: OK see you all tomorrow goodnight too 

    Kevin did leave you. You just lay down in your new bed. You didn’t notice that you already sleep. You did dream of Kevin again the same dream as your dream when you 2 didn’t meet. You don’t know that you both had the same situation Kevin also did dream of you even if you both didn’t meet of course you don’t know about it. 

    When its morning you did wake up so early & you want to go back to sleep but you can’t you think of your dream. You are outside. 

    Ella: (In her mind) I wonder if Kevin did dream of the same thing too?

    Kevin saw you outside & he approach you.

    Kevin: Why your here Ella?

    Ella: Oh Kevin, good morning nothing really 

    Kevin: Good morning to you too Ella, can I ask you something?

    Ella: What it is Kevin?

    Kevin: When will we continue to tour here?

    Ella: Ohh that it depends on you it seems that I’m not that busy 

    Kevin: Can we go out today? & I really wanna show you something 

    Ella: Its OK with me unless Sir Lei don’t ask for me to do anything 

    Kevin: I know he will not, so shall we go inside & have breakfast 

    Ella: OK OK Kevin 

    You both go inside & eat breakfast with his family. Kevin ask for his brother permission to go out with you. You go to your room & fix yourself. When you are about to be at the place where he wants you to be with, he did cover your eyes. 

    Ella: Eh Kevin why you did that?

    Kevin: I wanna surprise you with what you will see 

    Ella: OK, are we almost there?

    Kevin: Yeah, are you ready? I will remove my hands

    Ella: OK 

    You were super shock & surprise, it was a beautiful place full of many flowers. Its just so wonderful. 

    Kevin: Did you like it?

    Ella: Yes Kevin 

    Kevin: Did you remember something?

    Ella: Eh? I wonder what it is 

    Kevin: Try to look around

    You did look around on that place. It seems that you did see it already, you just don’t know where & when? 

    Ella: Did we both go here? I know its my first time 

    Kevin: Its not the first time, OK I will tell you then. This place is the same with your dream

    Ella: My dream?

    Kevin: Our dream

    Ella: So you mean to say that you dream of it too

    Kevin: Yeah Ella & its the reason why I let my brother be with you when he goes back

    Ella: You requested me to go?

    Kevin: Yeah, did you remember the first dream we dream?

    Ella: Yeah

    Kevin: I want it to be real

    Ella: *blush* Eh? But Kevin I ..

    Kevin: Ella I want you to be my first & last girl in my life

    Ella: Kevin .. I can’t .. I don’t know what to say

    Kevin: Maybe this thing will make you remember everything

    Kevin decided to kiss you passionately.  You don’t hesitate to it coz you always like him even if you just dream about him. 

    Kevin: Sorry for what I do Ella I just want you to know that I always love you since the day I dream about you. 

    Ella: Its OK Kevin, I never realize that the guy in my dream is now in front of me & now loving me. I never thought that we share the same dream.

    Kevin: Me also I never thought that you are real but when I did see your photo on my brother’s papers I get excited & I ask him to bring you here

    Ella: Oh .. (smiles)

    Kevin: What your answer to what I say to you?

    Ella: Isn’t not that obvious (smiles) 

    Kevin: What you mean?

    Ella: I like you too ever since that dream I only wish to see you now I’m a lucky girl coz I find you Kevin 

    Kevin: (smiles) I’m happy Ella so much happy in my heart. I will always be with my girl forever & ever 

    Ella: Thank you Kevin for loving me. I will stay forever with you 

    Kevin: I love you my one & only princess 

    Ella: I love you too Kevin 

    Its just like a dream come true you both find yourself. The both of you enjoy the day together. You always cherish moment together. Kevin tell it to his brother that you both love each other.

    -The End-


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  19. Sweet Note For You


    You were just alone in the room at your school because you did finish some paper works when suddenly you notice a note underneath your desk

    "Can I know your name? & Can I be your friend?"

    You were surprise at the note says. You wonder who left it & if he/she knows you already that much. You just finish what you do & you got home late at your house. 

    Reg: Ohh I forgot my book at school. I will just get it tomorrow then 

    You already go to sleep. When its morning you already getting ready for today’s activity & everything. 

    You check your desk again & you get a note again. 

    "Your book is at the other desk of your classmate, just tell it to him & he will give it to you"

    Reg: (In your mind) Ehh how did he know that I left it. I wonder if who is the one who left this note under my desk 

    After that, you just focus on your subjects & activities at school. It’s break time so you decided to go out. When you go back at your room, you notice a note again.

    "Ohh did you enjoy your meal? did you already get your book? I guess not here’s your book I already get it. Take care always OK"

    When you check your desk your book is really there. You decided to leave a note for him “Thank you for getting my book, I enjoy my meal I hope you too also. May I know your name? Why you always leave your note here?”

    The last subject is finish & your always tired for a long day at school. 

    Your classmate leaves you there. You don’t have a friend coz everyone don’t like you at all, you don’t know what characteristics your classmate don’t like about you. You just don’t mind them as long as you study hard. 

    You decided to stay longer at school grounds & you thought that you are just the one who’s there. Your surprise coz there’s other person’s around.

    He did saw you & you decided to go back inside the room. He also go to the room you stay at. 

    Reg: Ahm Mr. why are you still here?

    Guy: I just checking around here 

    Reg: Ahh OK 

    Guy: You why are you still here? You should be at home now. Are you waiting for someone?

    Reg: Ahm just finishing something. I will be leaving too as soon as I finish this up. Nope I don’t wait for someone.

    Guy: OK so go home already after you finish what you do

    Reg: Yeah I will, may I ask are you a student here too?

    Guy: Yapp I am I just change my clothes 

    Reg: OK OK I will take my leave then Bye Mr. 

    Guy: OK Take care on your way home 

    Reg: Yeah I will, you too also 

    You leave him already. When you are walking you always think of him, wondering if his the one who leaves the note for you. You reach home. You do so much school stuffs & you stay awake late at night. You go out for a while to get some fresh air.

    When you see the guy who you talk at school earlier, you were surprise of what you see.

    Guy: Hi there Ms. you are the one from school earlier?

    Reg: Yeah, Did you live here?

    Guy: No I just pass by & I will visit my friend, ohh so you live here?

    Reg: Yeah, ohh its late now go to your friend now.

    Guy: OK I will thanks, may I ask something?

    Reg: Your welcome, what is it?

    Guy: Can we be friends?

    Reg: Ehh me?

    Guy: Yeah you are, did I say something?

    Reg: No, OK OK we can be friends & besides your such a good and nice person 

    Guy: You also. Can I know your name?

    Reg: My name is Regina, you can call me Reg. You what’s your name?

    Guy: It’s Alexander, others call me Alex or Xander. You can call me whatever you want too 

    Reg: OK OK I will call you Xander. Oh you must take your leave now OK 

    Xander: OK Reg thanks again, nice meeting you 

    Reg: Your always welcome, nice to meet you too Xander.

    Xander: Bye 

    Reg: Bye 

    He takes his leave & you decided to go to your room. You go to sleep coz its really late at night & you have class tomorrow. 

    You wake up late. Your in a hurry. You arrive in school & you were really late. 

    You sit already at your desk, you are just focus with your subjects. When it’s time to go home, you check your desk again coz you don’t check it out coz your really busy. “oh your welcome dear its really nothing, I always enjoy it. Ahm I just can’t say my name but when time comes for me to introduce to you I will tell it to you”

    Reg: Ehh why wouldn’t he/she just say his/her name. Ahh OK nevermind, I gotta go home now.

    Before you leave someone caught your attention.

    Xander: Reg (shouting)

    You look over & its Xander 

    Reg: Ohh Xander why?

    Xander: Can we go home together?

    Reg: Ehh OK, are you going to visit your friend near our house?

    Xander: Yapp 

    Reg: OK then

    Xander & you walk together home. You reach your home. 

    Reg: I will be here now. So you go now to your friend I will finish some stuffs of mine 

    Xander: OK OK can I pick you up tomorrow & we go school tomorrow?

    Reg: Ehh but you might be far from here & you might be late for tomorrow

    Xander: Its really OK, so is it OK with you?

    Reg: OK Xander 

    He takes his leave & you go inside your room. You don’t know why you feel so happy when Xander is around.

    You start doing your school stuffs & as usual you stay awake. Your always thinking of Xander & you don’t why. You take your sleep & you did dream of Xander.

    It’s morning & you wake up early as usual coz Xander will pick you up. Someone knocks at your door.

    Xander: (knocking)

    Reg: Just a second 

    When you open the door it was Xander. 

    Reg: Ohh Xander take a sit, I will just finish what I do & we will go ahead to school 

    Xander: OK 

    When you finish fixing yourself you both go together to school. 

    You both say goodbye to each other. You go to your room & you did see a note over your desk.

    "I will introduce myself to you, meet me at the school grounds after school when nobody is around. See you then you will now know who I am"

    You were excited to know who is the one who left the note for you. The school is over & its time for your classmate to go home. You now go to the school grounds where you always stays at. You were surprise coz there so many flowers around & its just so beautiful.

    There’s a chair nearby & a note is there “Do you like it? I made it for you, but before I came out I want to say you something …”. You get the other piece “I really like you (with the heart sign). You are just so surprise & speechless, you don’t know what to say. 

    That time he came out with a flower he holds & give it to you. You was shock & surprise coz its really Xander the guy who make you happy everyday.

    Reg: So its really you after all

    Xander: You knew it already?

    Reg: I just conclude it & realize that it was you but I never thought that it was you

    Xander: Sorry if I don’t introduce myself as early as possible 

    Reg: No, its OK 

    Xander: Can I ask you something?

    Reg: Ehh what’s that?

    Xander: Ahm what is your reaction about the other one that I wrote?

    Reg: The thing about you like me?

    Xander: Yeah 

    Reg: Hmm I really don’t know I was shock when you decided to introduce to me before I always wonder if that note is really for me or if someone just left it.

    Xander: Its for you & besides I always see you everyday 

    Reg: Ehh you did?

    Xander: Yeah I did. So I decided to give you a note everyday & I always wanted to know you more coz I really like you even if I just first saw you 

    Reg: I really don’t know what to say

    Xander: Its really OK if you don’t reply 

    Reg: But can I tell you something 

    Xander: Yeah sure 

    Reg: Its my first time to have a friend & I’m thankful coz I was able to meet you

    Xander: No problem Reg, so can I bring you home?

    Reg: OK

    You both go walk home together & you just can’t stop thinking about the one he say that he likes you. You are so bothered coz you really want to say to him what you really feel.

    Xander: Are you OK Reg?

    Reg: Ahm I want to tell something but I’m confused if I’m gonna tell it to you?

    Xander: You may tell it to me, what is it?

    You both stop walking. 

    Reg: Ahm *blushing* about the one you say earlier that you like me? (really nervous) I always feel happy when your around I just don’t know why, I guess I like you too

    Xander: (smiling) Really so can you be my cinderella?

    Reg: Ehh ??

    Xander: I mean to say be my princess & my girl forever.

    Reg: Of course (smile & blushing)

    Xander: (happy) Wait 

    He took off some note he did. “I always love you my one & only cinderella”

    Reg: Oh your so sweet Xander. I love you too. 

    Without hesitations Xander kiss your lips in the street.

    Reg: Ehh we are in the middle of the street 

    Xander: Its OK nobody knows us (smiling), be with me forever & ever 

    Reg: Yeah I will 

    He holds your hand while you both go straight home. 

    -The End-